It went by like a blur (or as fast as The Flash), but the 2016 TravelManagers Conference in Bangkok was an unforgettable one.


Attendees were able to learn a whole lot of interesting things, like how adding value can be more important than focusing on money or discover TravelManagers’ plans to focus on cruise, corporate and kids.

Plus they were the first to check out the group’s new website and marketing campaign and find out who the top TravelManagers were over the last 12 months.

But more importantly, they experienced some inspiring, amazing and damn hilarious moments. Here are 14 of them:


1. The opening to any conference is always a blast



2. But it became unique to TravelManagers when we received that warm Thai welcome



3. From not one, but six Thai dancers



4. Before TravelManagers’ own NPOs took to the stage



5. For their annual flash dance, which gave us all kind of Timberlake feels



6. And it had everyone up on their feet!


Click here to check out the full performance.


7. The game ‘Thai Whispers’ was a fun break from all the hard work



8. As were those amazing massages that really hit the spot (albeit painfully at times)



9. The lighting of the candles on White Night was a nice time to reflect


Click here for all the pics from the White Night.


10. Before an eye-opening morning volunteering in Bangkok’s largest slum



11. Which was both fun and hard work… still feeling for those tasked with the wheelchairs


Click here for more pics.


12. Ridin’ around Bangkok in a throng of tuk-tuks was pretty freaking cool


Especially with those police escorts.

Click here for all the pics from the tuk-tuk rides.


13. As was having 80s band ‘Enormous Horns’ performing only for us



14. But nothing was quite as memorable as seeing Erryn Morris’ joy when she found out she won a car from Allianz


Thank you to TravelManagers head office and all the personal travel managers (as well as all the amazing suppliers) for letting KarryOn join you this year.

Hopefully see you all again soon. Xoxo – Nahrain

What was your favourite moment from this year’s conference?