Fortunately the majority of holidays go off without a hitch, but sometimes things do go wrong – and spectacularly so.


Which is what travel insurance is all about – protecting the investment you’ve made in flights and hotels if something you couldn’t have dreamt would happen, happens.

Like these real cases by TID (Travel Insurance Direct) customers:


1. The smiling assassins


Travelling through South America, Ross and Haley made their to the Amazon River to swim with the rare pink Dolphins and meet some friendly monkeys. While meeting the fury friends, Ross was unfortunately bitten by one of the monkeys and then while swimming in the river, was also bitten by one of the pink dolphins, all on the same day! His partner, Haley, was also bitten by the same dolphin and luckily only licked by the monkey.

Obviously rabies is a concern here and you don’t want to take any chances, so TID paid all the costs associated in getting them to Mexico and getting their anti-rabies shots.


2. Floored by flora


During a trip with mates to Bali, a traveller was drinking with friends in their Kuta villa was dared to eat a plant that was growing in the courtyard. He ate a small part of the stem but stopped when his mouth felt like it was full of razor blades.

But that’s not when he went to hospital – he went out with his friends and admits to drinking some cocktails and about 10 Vodka Red Bulls. The next morning he was dizzy, his heart was racing and he was finding it hard to drink his breakfast beer, so went to hospital for checks. He says the doctors couldn’t say exactly what was wrong with him. TID paid for the doctor’s visit and the blood tests.


3. Attacking seafood


A traveller who was surfing in Bali was sitting on her board waiting for a wave and all of sudden felt a sharp pain in their side. She looked down to see that a nasty looking fish had jumped out of the water and collided with her, puncturing her lung.

The surfer made their way from Nusa Lembongan to Bali and admitted to BIMC Hospital. TID monitored her throughout this period until she was fit enough to return to Perth. TID ensured her safety by providing her with a doctor escort as she suffered a hemopneumothorax (combination of air and blood in the chest cavity) so needed a chest drain during their flight back.


4. Dude, where’s my luggage?


One TID customer travelling on his own to Kuala Lumpur met a very friendly cab driver that picked him up from the airport. While already having a hotel reservation, the cabbie mentioned that his family ran a very nice hotel so insisted he stayed there.

The traveller agreed to this and was dropped off at the new hotel, which of course was no good. He decided to check out what he was missing out on and visited his original hotel, which turned out to be much better. He made the decision to return to get his bags and stay in the hotel he made the reservation with, the only problem being he had no idea of where it was or what the address was.

TID replaced the contents of his entire suitcase.

Think you’ve heard some weirder claims? Share them with us below.