Online options are so vast and plentiful that it makes it almost impossible to resist the overwhelming impulse to book those discounted return flights on the spot.

You’ll tell yourself that “they’re right there!” and that waiting to speak to a professional is ludicrous because they may not offer you the same deal.

But the truth is, and you know it’s true, Travel Agents won’t just find you a saving on that flight but also the accommodation, the insurance, the tours, the car hire, the transfers and the more.

They can get you a discount on your overall trip and the best part is you don’t have to do any of the work.

Still think it’s lunacy to wait and speak to a Travel Agent?

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, Travel Market Report recently compiled a list of reasons to use a travel professional, and we can’t help but agree with them all:


1. Buying travel is too unique to do alone


Buying travel is like buying a product and a service. A Travel Agent knows how to sell both parts—the airline, resort and/or cruise line that best match your needs, and the services that will guarantee your vacation is seamless and stress-free.


2. They’re trained to consider every aspect of a holiday


They make sure each piece meets your specific needs, so you’re happy with every penny you spend.


3. And they can make sense of all the travel jargon


This year travel companies are offering more brands than ever before in history—on land, in the air and on the seas.

Is Fathom the right cruise for you? Is Delta Light good enough? A travel professional can decipher the subtle differences and choose the one that fits your requirements for this unique trip.


4. Of course, they save you time & money

Whether they charge a fee, as many do, or base their businesses on commissions, the time and money you spend with them will be returned to you many times over in the form of perks, upgrades, convenience and great service.


5. They’re your advocate


Whether you need an upgrade to an ocean view or a ticket out of harm’s way after an earthquake, your Travel Agent will be there for you, intervening with suppliers on your behalf.


6. And believe it or not, they are the experts


Like a doctor or an accountant, a travel counselor will ask the right questions, listen to your answers, understand your pain, and offer expert advice to guide you in making one of your most important decisions—how to spend your invaluable time off.

Because there are no do-overs for a vacation gone wrong.


7. They have your back


When things go wrong, a travel professional knows whom to call to get it fixed on the spot.

If your flight is canceled, just have a seat and pick up the phone while the rest of the passengers are lined up trying to rebook.

Didn’t get the room category you booked? No need to argue with the front desk.

One call will get it corrected.


8. They’re practically your personal shopper


Over time your travel professional gets to know you and your family, your likes and dislikes.

You are so much more than a sale to them—and they provide the human connection that makes every transaction more pleasant and meaningful.

Plus by supporting local businesses, you support your community.


9. And they understand true customisation


After 20 or 30 years in the business, a travel professional has the connections to arrange for the side trips, the special passes, the upgrades and little touches that are not available to the general public.

Because in this wide and amazing and wonderful world, you just don’t know what you don’t know.

So ask someone who does—ask your local Travel Agent!

Know an extra special travel agent? Share how they’ve impressed you in the comments!