Travel Agents may not be going anywhere anytime soon, according to Travellers Choice, but that doesn’t mean they should just sit back and avoid progress.

Speaking at the Travellers Choice Conference in Perth earlier this month, the group’s Managing Director said consultants need to find ways to provide more relevant product and more services that’ll meet the desires of customers today and in the future.

One way Christian Hunter believes Agents can do this is by taking more time to communicate and learn off of each other’s successes.


He hopes to spearhead this agent-to-agent correspondence through a new mentorship program within the group.

Potentially launching in 2018, the program will see experienced or successful consultants paired up with those looking to increase their expertise. Together, they’ll look at business opportunities and techniques to increase sales.

Hunter said the mentorship program will build on the group’s greatest strength, its experience.

“We possess a vast amount of experience in our group and some of the best Travel Agent minds in the country.”

Christian Hunter, Travellers Choice Managing Director

“There’s an opportunity for us to better extract the information that sits within our group.”


He continued, explaining that although the company already runs cohesively, he believes one-on-one Agent time will better extract knowledge and provide a formal platform for members to share ideas and successes.

“Working together to make each other strong.”

Christian Hunter, Travellers Choice Managing Director

The program hasn’t received a set launch date yet, but Agents will be approached in the coming year to nominate themselves as mentors.

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Do you see the benefits of a mentor program?