Ben Alcock

Travel is one of life’s great pleasures, but when things inevitably go wrong, it can be the source of nightmares. Are you ready to handle the nightmare of a crisis?

Picture this: You arrive at work one morning to find local media and the family of a travelling client camped outside your place of work. Your client was caught up in something horrific overnight, and they’re demanding information.

Do you know what your obligations and responsibilities are? Should you be contacting DFAT? What are the insurance implications of the events? What can you do to minimise damage to your hard-earned reputation? Legally where do you and your colleagues stand?

Would you be able to answer any of the questions above?


Preparation and planning are key to handling any crisis incident—a primary theme at CATO’s Crisis Management Conference in Sydney on 21 February 2019.

This unique one-day event will have you thinking in a proactive manner as opposed to reacting after the fact putting you back in control.

“The Council of Australia Tour Operators (CATO) invites professionals from all corners of the travel industry to attend this invaluable conference.”

Brett Jardine, CATO Managing Director

The conference comprises a series of keynote presentations and panel discussions from experts in Communications and Public Relations, Technology, Crisis Leadership, Insurance and Legal aspects of Crisis Management—critical insights for anyone in the travel industry from retail and corporate travel agencies, wholesalers, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines and more.


“A crisis can impact any travel operator or intermediary in an instant. Do you know what ‘crisis ready’ looks like?” asks Jardine.

CATO’s Crisis Management conference will set you up for success. Attendees likely to benefit most from attending this event include tour operators, wholesalers, retail agents and mobile consultants.

The event program is now available and online registration can be completed by clicking here.

Costing starts from $225 (including GST) for CATO Members and $275 (including GST) for non-CATO Members.

The conference is generously sponsored by RiskLogic—the leading provider of resilience services for the public, private and not for profit sectors in Australia and New Zealand.

For more information, please contact CATO Managing Director, Brett Jardine on 0419 724 909 or at [email protected]

Will you be attending the Crisis Management Conference?