Airbnb is a force to be reckoned with. Love it or hate it, the platform is continuing to expand and innovative while working towards a goal of ‘owning the entire travel experience’.

So here’s a heads up. Today Airbnb announced it has expanded its ‘Experiences’ platform here in Australia.

Airbnb Experiences launched globally in 2016, and after successful launches in Sydney and Melbourne last year, locals from all parts of Australia can now become an Experience host.


Wait, what, so anyone can be a Tour Operator now? Pretty much so long as you have a hobby, skill, or expertise to share.

Matt is taking people Harbour Kayaking in Sydney, lifelong Manly local James is taking people snorkelling in his patch of paradise while Peter is taking people off the beaten track in the Blue Mountains with secluded hikes that “pass waterfalls, visit tranquil lookouts, and take in late afternoon views from the cliffs”.


There are already 400 Experiences available to book across Australia. Take a look at what’s on offer here.

The Experiences tool is definitely going to be popular for travellers looking for local, immersive and unique travel experiences, but will it step on the Travel Industry’s toes?


Image: Airbnb

It’s definitely a healthy dose of competition that’s for sure which means it’s more important than ever to innovate, hustle, know your customer and show them the value of booking through a Travel Agent.

Are you threatened by Airbnb’s growth? Let us know below.