“We’re not stupid… We can do better than that ourselves” says the smirking actress while holding up two dresses to choose from – assumingly to take on her holiday that she just booked via the lovely folks at Webjet.

The first shot fired in the latest despicable advertisement from the Aussie web-based churn ‘em and burn ‘em travel agency hits traditional Travel Agents right between the eyes.

I guess giving our customers a professional opinion that was gained by undertaking plenty of self-funded travel, months or training, webinars, product nights and client feedback is… Stupid.

Sure, we probably won’t waste our valued customers time by offering dozens – nay – hundreds of potential itineraries ranging from quick and painless to daft and backbreaking.

But, I guess that’s stupid.

Five options were mentioned to be fair. This tells me that the marketing geniuses at Webjet probably haven’t visited a real travel agent in their lives. I wouldn’t give five options to someone looking for the cheapest flight to Nadi anytime over the next three years.


Because… We’re professional.

It’s our job to steer our clients towards the right choice. We’ll ask a few questions and help decide what’s the best plan for their individual needs – not a one-size fits all platter of options.

It might be cost, it might be stopovers, it might be comfort, it might be frequent flyer points, it might be baggage allowances, and it might even be because we know they love to get as many of those cute little bottles of wine they bloody well want without having to pay for it.

Do you know who doesn’t ask those questions? I don’t need to say it.

But hey, if you want to talk trash about us… that’s fine, because it’s a sign of weakness.

I get it… You’re scared. Your stock has had a bit of a rally – over seven bucks. Congrats. Welcome to the show.

You don’t want to go back down, so you attack the old dogs of the industry – just like a new inmate would single out the big guy for a scrap on his first night in jail. But the funny thing is, the scrappy new guy usually loses and limps back to his cell.

The other statement that struck me during your perky little ad was “Make your own way in the world”.

Don’t you mean, “Make your own way in the world, as long as you know how to search the right routes, dates and airline combinations”? How about offering a RTW itinerary with Swiss Air that’s cheaper than a return to London?

No? Didn’t think so.

Oh, and you also mentioned “One site”. Please tell me more about how you have the monopoly on generic airfare search engines. Congrats on being the only one that offers this amazing service.

But wait, most of the major travel agencies in Australia offer this service via their websites as well – and then also offers to have a real live person call them to confirm the flight they found suits them best.

But I’m not mad – I’m just disappointed.

We can still be friends – maybe just calm down on the immature slagging.

K… thanks!


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