Does racing around the streets of Tokyo dressed up as your favourite Super Mario character in an imitation Nintendo Mario Kart sound like a riot? Yep, we thought so too.

If you haven’t heard about this slightly madcap and totally random tour you can do in Tokyo yet – you’ve been missing out.

One of the biggest Real Mario Kart companies is MariCar, which rents out around 1000 go-kart spots per month, with 90% of the drivers being foreign tourists.

Who’s your favourite character? Mario? Luigi? Yoshi? Toad? Princess Peach? or Bowser? There’s even a few superhero costumes thrown in for those looking to ‘save the city’ at the same time including; Spiderman, Ironman, Captain America and Batman.


Pic: Maricar, Facebook

And you can choose your own beats to cruise the streets of Shibuya and co. and chat with your mates to share the experience over Bluetooth.

You will have to buckle up though with new laws in place to protect you against the busy Tokyo traffic.

Earlier this year an unfortunate Korean go-karter smashed into a police box in Tokyo which made headline news across the country. Until then, a traffic loophole had allowed go-kart drivers to ride the streets without seatbelts and helmets.

But not anymore. Which is probably a good thing.

Nintendo also announced last February that they were prosecuting the company for unlawfully using the characters from its games. Whoops.

Our advice – go check it out soon.

Maricar has also started up in Osaka now too, just to keep their options open.

The Maricar tours typically go for around two to three hours, zipping past many of Tokyo’s main instaworthy photo spots on the journey, including Roppongi, Shinagawa, Shibuya (home of THAT famous crossing), and the Tokyo Tower.

You can join a group race (well sort of racing but not really as that would be dangerous) or ride solo on your own.

Prices start at $95 (¥8000) per person.

Visit for more.

Would you drive the streets of Tokyo in a Mario Go-Kart? And which character would you be?