Australians may be lucky enough to have access to four weeks of paid leave every year, but not all are keen on using them.


That’s crazy! Who doesn’t want to go on holiday? Or is it genius because they’re waiting to take it all at once? Hmmm ???


According to Roy Morgan Research, Aussies have accrued a plethora of annual leave – 134 million days to be specific.

Despite having just returned from the Christmas holidays, there’s still an average of 16 days per full-time working Australian just idly sitting there waiting to be used.

What’s even more interesting is around 17 percent of Aussies have such a completely nonchalant attitude towards their paid leave that they don’t know their current balance!


AND there’s around three percent that have accumulated 10 weeks worth of leave! 10 weeks! That’s two-and-a-half months of potential travel time.

TTF CEO, Margy Osmond, said using the 134 million days of stored annual leave is a “win-win for everybody” because employees get to recharge while employers can “reduce the liability of unused leave on their books”.

“I encourage all Australians who are sitting on a small mountain of annual leave to have the conversation with their employer today to use just one of those days to have a long weekend away with the Australia Day public holiday.”

Margy Osmond, TTF CEO

Are you still on a mountain of holiday time?