Almost everyone can agree that there’s nothing quite like spending a year travelling across Europe and meeting new people with just a few outfits, your passport, cash and a backpack to carry it all.

But being away from home for long periods of time can trigger that gnawing yearning to fly back Down Under and be amongst hundreds of fellow Aussies.

We all know it as homesickness. It can hit at anytime and generally when you least expect.

While for the most part, it’s harmless to the individual’s physical well being, mentally it can impact even the best of holidays with thoughts of Bondi Beach on a 35-degree summer day, the hollering and passion at a footy game or those bloody annoying neighbours who insist on starting that darn lawn mower first thing every Sunday morning when you’re still in recovery from Saturday night’s pub crawl.

The worst part is, sometimes it’s not easy to shake.


Traditionally the remedy for homesickness has been to locate an ‘Aussie pub’ overseas, but this requires a whole lot of effort.

Travel Insurance Direct has found a new quick and convenient solution, the ‘Homesickness Hotline’ that is so Australian it’ll cure travellers in seconds.

Described as the ‘one stop service for Aussies to feel close to the thing they love about home’, the hotline offers Aussies the option to select from nine iconic Australian sounds that’ll “banish that homesickness” and have them walking around like this again…


Callers can choose from hearing the sounds of the waves at Bondi Beach, Waltz Sing Matilda played by on a gum leaf or cockatoos on a Sunday morning.

There’s also a few irritating sounds (just in case) like the sound of being on hold at Centrelink and your neighbours mower.

But the thing about the hotline that’ll really lift holidaymakers’ spirits is the number users need to dial: 1800-STRAYA.

Awwwwww! Straya!

“There’s nothing worse than being a bit homesick when you’re overseas and let’s be honest we’ve all been there; Australia is a great place to call home.”

Phil Sylvester, TID Travel Safety Expert

“That’s why we thought we’d create the Homesickness Hotline for Australians anywhere in the world.

“All you have to do is jump on your phone and dial 1800STRAYA, and you’ll be instantly reminded of some of the iconic Australian sounds that you love, and maybe don’t quite love.”


The hotline was launched in response to Aussies taking part in the growing trend of solo travel, which is far more prevalent in younger Australians, with 74 percent having or considering going it alone.

Furthermore, 72 percent of those living in state capitals were likely to travel solo compared to 63 percent of their regional counterparts. Men were also more likely to venture unaccompanied than women, with the figures at 76 percent to 62 percent.

Have you ever felt homesick overseas? Would you call this number?