Staff across the Flight Centre Travel Group were quick to request transfers to Student Flights for that unlimited annual leave, we can only imagine how many applications will come through after hearing about the company’s expansion into the City of Lights.

The group confirmed this week it had taken an interest in a Paris-based travel and technology business called 3Mundi, which has worked with Flight Centre’s FCM since 2015.

So far, Flight Centre has only purchased 25 percent of the company, but could consider purchasing the rest in the future as Managing Director Graham Turner believes it would contribute to the group’s European network currently operating in Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Paris Streets 3

Turner said the investment will give Flight Centre access to new technology, products and tools that can be adapted and rolled out to other countries and brands.

It could also potentially entice employees to apply for an international transfer ????.

“There is also opportunity to work with 3Mundi’s team to develop other new products and offerings in the future.”

Graham Turner, Flight Centre Travel Group Managing Director


In addition to its corporate travel businesses in France and Switzerland, 3Mundi operates a Barcelona-based business travel lab, which is successfully developing proprietary artificial intelligence technology and products for the travel industry.

The acquisition is expected to be formally completed in July 2017.

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