Can you believe more than a year-and-a-half has passed since Flight Centre cut the ribbon on its Brisbane HQ and unveiled the industry’s first in-office slide?

Time really does slip by when you’re having fun between floors.

The South Bank space opened in October 2016 during a period when travel companies were going all out to ensure staff genuinely enjoyed spending time at work by introducing fun features such as Expedia’s ‘sports room’ and unique social areas such as Intrepid’s beer garden.

Flight Centre managed to go above and beyond with plane-shaped and bus-shaped meeting rooms, a rooftop bar and more importantly… an actual slide.

Jaws literally dropped when it was revealed that the slide, which many thought initially to be a joke, was actually true and available for employees and visitors to use whenever they pleased.

The exciting feature was a hit on the opening day with employees sharing their ‘rides’ across social media, but nearly two years later we’re wondering if the Flight Centre HQ slide is still as popular or whether it’s gathering dust?

We put the question to a Flight Centre Spokesperson who told us people visiting the building “love it” and most of them take a ride.

“The slide is a bit of fun and it’s become quite well know,” the Spokesperson said.

“People who are visiting the building love it and most people, including corporate clients, kids and our new staff, have a go at some point.”

Flight Centre Spokesperson

The Spokesperson continued, saying employees are less likely to be seen on the slide as they don’t generally use it to carry “out their normal day-to-day duties”.

In saying that, we decided to see if the slide was still making the rounds on Instagram (via the #flightcentre and #flightcentreHQ) and found that it is.

@bubblywinx slid into work earlier this year…

As did @steph.sass.x…

And @claudrenee…

Then there’s @pommykimmy who enjoyed a champagne post-slide in late 2017…

And more recently, the Queensland State of Origin team who went down after having lunch upstairs and meeting Skroo. We don’t have footage of their slide but we have this post-meal picture…



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Have you had a go on the slide?