Will there be another Rusty moment? Or another fruit showdown? Maybe Guy Sebastian will return OR maybe they’ll score another big name for Helloworld Travel Frontliners this year.

There’s only a couple of weeks left (13 days but who’s counting…🙋) until Helloworld Travel’s Frontliners gather for their annual meeting of all things travel, but this time they’re doing it in Fiji!

Kicking off on 8 November at the Denarau Convention Centre, consultants will spend three days networking, laughing, developing personally and, of course, learning.

This year is set to be a special one, not only because it’s in one of the friendliest countries on the planet – Fiji -, but because the schedule is jam-packed with exciting speakers, events and features.

While we’re not 100 percent sure on whether Guy Sebastian or a fellow musician will make an appearance this year, and we can’t guarantee another hilarious silent disco, we do know Agents can expect these six things:


1. Steve Jacobs is back baby!


Who doesn’t love Steve Jacobs?! Seriously, who? He’s the best, and he’s returning to host the three-day Helloworld Travel Frontliners Conference once again.

As well as bringing his humour and contagious enthusiasm, Steve MAY fill Agents in on some of the fun things that happen behind the scenes during HELLOWORLD the TV series, which he co-hosts.


2. And so is Mick Colliss


The author, writer, rugby commentator, emcee, guest speaker and modern-day poet (taken from his website) did such a good job speaking at OMC earlier this year that Helloworld Travel has decided to bring him back for Frontliners. 

Managers described his story on mateship and never giving up as “hilarious”.


3. New to Frontliners will be Tim Robards


Image: Nine.com.au

Ummm, hello Tim. Welcome to Frontliners.

While he may look like a model, Tim is actually a successful Sydney Chiropractor with his own practice who just happens to be famous in Australia for his dedication to clean living and his chiselled face.

Tim has made appearances in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Australian Ninja Warrior and next month, the Helloworld Travel Frontliners Conference.


4. As will it be a first for Furnace & the Fundamentals

Welcome Furnace & the Fundamentals!

Slip into a pair of comfortable party shoes guys because this really cool party group will rock the stage at one of the fancy events at Helloworld Travel Frontliners.


5. We’ll find out who the best-of-the-best are in the group

Have you thought of what you’re wearing to the Gala Ball yet?


6. And more importantly, there’ll be FIJI!

Sun, cocktails, sand, cocktails, Fijian cultural, cocktails. Get ready Fiji, Frontliners are coming!


Are you attending Helloworld Travel Frontliners this year in Fiji?