When roomsXML and getabed merged earlier this year to create Stuba, they made promises of improved pricing and better capabilities. So, has the online wholesaler delivered?

Managing Director of Stuba Pacific, Mark Luckey, said Stuba has been allowing Agents to find the best price sooner through improved pricing on 75 percent of their inventory that has over 9000 destinations.

The brand has also kept the momentum rolling with a focus on the Mediterranean with four new suppliers coming on board to cover Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Morocco and Egypt.

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Product Development Director Anuj Bang said all the global cues were pointing to a desire for good product in the Mediterranean belt.

“So we doubled our efforts in securing up connections with strong local contracting players in that region as well as directly connecting with certain chains and hotels, making us the one-stop shop.”

Stuba Product Development Director Anuj Bang


During the merger process, Stuba has also upgraded their technology with their initial focus on making it easier to hone in on the right hotel in the Caribbean and Fiji.

The brand’s unique search filter algorithms combine scores and social media narrative from thousands of sites, making it easier to locate the best properties that meet the customer’s lifestyle desires.

“It’s a no-brainer where agents should hunt for great hotels for their customers next sun & beach holiday. Stuba has got it covered from Fiji to the Caribbean and from Florida to the Mediterranean,” Anuj Bang said.

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