How do you feel about working with Tour Operators directly? Have you considered forming a direct relationship with them to negotiate a better rate? Or is it easier just to send your clients directly to them?

The latest Industry Survey Research  Rezdy: Tour Operator Trends for Booking Channels – Australia & New Zealand Edition for 2018 is pointing to the power of the Travel Agent.

Yep, that’s right. All hail the Travel Agent!

The report, which you can read here, suggests that Tour Operators should form stronger bonds with Travel Agents.

“Whilst direct bookings are incredibly valuable to tour and activity operators, many can argue that it is impossible to build a successful business on direct bookings alone.”


This was the outcome Rezdy drew from a recent industry survey which asked respondents if they are currently working with agents or any third party resellers.

Results revealed that 81.22% of the sample were working with other agents and/or resellers.


The top three agents that respondents are currently connecting with are: TripAdvisor at 74.84%, Viator at 66.67% and RedBalloon at 48.43%.

This number has increased from 78.3% in the 2016 survey results.

Rezdy noted that “more and more Australian and New Zealand tour and activity operators today are seeing the value of connecting with Travel Agents”.

“Working with agents and resellers can help you sell to an audience of millions and reduce your valuable time in marketing your tour products.”


86.31% of respondents noted that they are currently working with less than 50 agents while only a slim 0.60% of the sample said they are currently working with 500 to 1,000 agents.

Rezdy said this showed there was “an expansive opportunity” for suppliers to connect with more Travel Agents with a successful business tough to build on direct bookings alone.

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Would you consider working with a Tour Operator directly if they provided the right incentives? Let us know below.