As a kid you more than likely resented the time away, but as you approached adult-hood you quickly came to appreciate all those times your family dragged you on holidays.

The trips, whether they were a weekend away or extended time overseas, came with irreplaceable memories, just ask these Managing Directors at The Travel Corporation, who were nice enough to share some of their favourite holiday escapes as or with dads.


John Veitch, TTC Australian CEO

The Travel Corporation

I love a good family holiday. I have three kids and they are always dreaming up the next big family adventure.  Last year we went through Italy on a Uniworld Cruise.

On boardwas an awesome ‘Mary Poppins like’ Kids Coordinator, who taught the kids Italian every morning.

Strangely, they seemed to become fluent only when ordering gelato.

My highlight was riding bikes together through the streets of Chioggia, a little fishing village a just out of Venice, on a perfect Italian summer afternoon.


Hans Belle, Managing Director of AAT Kings and Inspiring Journeys


A few years ago my wife Sue, Kids (Tom & Sarah) and I decided to explore the Great Ocean Road starting at Sorrento heading to Port Fairy.

A fabulous helicopter ride over the 12 Apostles and then a day exploring the  Redwood Forrest in Otway National Park were two highlights of our trip.

As a family we try to have a ‘fluid plan’ for most of our holidays, and so as expected after a great trip on the Great Ocean Road we decided to extend and visit Ballarat & Daylesford, two destinations that provided some great Boutique accommodation options.

Having extended our trip by four days to accomplish that, the rest of the family voted that we should then go and explore Lakes Entrance for a few days and then drive back to Sydney via the Coastal route.

So my well planned six-day Great Ocean Road vacation quickly became close to a three-week journey, but that’s what Mum & Dads are for, making sure the family are well cared for, happy and engaging with new destinations.


Angela Middleton, Head of Sales, Insight Vacations

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 3.53.09 PM

Growing up, travel was a once a year event and one where we treasured the moments as we were told we were lucky to be on a holiday. We explored the east coast of Australia in the school holidays uncovering hidden gems.

I recall having a list ticking off the icons with Dad like the Big Banana, Dog on the Tuckerbox and the Big Merino! Dad loved the open road so I have fond memories of our holidays also including the inevitable ‘are we there yet? and ‘I Spy’.

As my love for travel became evident and grew into a career, and so did grow Dad’s taste for travel and he soon learnt to expand some horizons on the travel front to international destinations.

Over the last few years, we have spent many hours discussing how to maximise points to purchase flights, what hotel programs to be a part of and what ‘status runs’ to take to maintain a level to ensure the luxury of lounge access whilst  on holidays! Just last weekend, we were taking a look at the next European adventure that Dad should plan. Of course it will be an Insight Vacations trip! Dad is now so immersed in international travel he documents his dining experiences on his Instagram account whilst travelling.

Dad always makes me think about how lucky we are to travel and if you work hard, you earn it. We love talking about travel together and its so lovely that he loves it as much as I do.


Elliott Miller, Adventure World’s Head of Sales

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 3.52.57 PM

It was day break, we had just finished breakfast and were informed by the hotel receptionist that our driver was here, ready to take us to the meeting place for our Moroccan desert quad biking experience. As we left the luxurious Amanjena on the outskirts of Marrakesh and headed into the dessert with a strange man, who spoke very little English, in a 4wd that was as old as my first car that I bought in 1991.

As we went further & further out of town I turned to my Father and a look of concern washed across his face as did it mine, as thoughts of being kidnapped and taken into the middle of the Sahara for a ransom came through our thoughts.

The Sun was still rising and it was a beautiful sight as we turned a large bend and saw a line of quad bikes waiting for us and clearly a lot of other tourists a sigh of relief came out of my dad’s mouth and at the point the happiness and excitement started to show as we knew then we were in for a great day out together racing up and down sand dunes.


Matthew Cameron-Smith Trafalgar MD


On our latest Trafalgar Gladiators, Gondolas and Gold Family Experience in Italy we made pizzas, had a private tour of the Vatican museum, walked through the colosseum on sunset but the experience the kids talk about the most was the gladiator school in Rome. Everyone (including mum and dad) dressed up in traditional gladiator costumes and were put through our paces. I’ll spare everyone the videos of me doing the exercises! My two boys finally fought fair for a change!

During the trip, I was reminded how important it is to take time to reconnect. While some might think this a plug, it was genuinely effortless – I wasn’t concerned with packing luggage or finding that all elusive parking space meaning we could all just kick back, share amazing experience, have fun and laugh together. My three children are already asking when the new brochure will be out so we can plan the next holiday!

Do you have any great tales from travels with your dad?