Roses are red, violets are blue, you tried to book a Bali retreat when I said let’s go to Peru. Now you’re on your own, you loser buffoon, because I found someone better who’ll obediently follow me to the moon.

An ode, to all the blossoming relationships in the world that withered away while planning a holiday – apparently, it happens quite often.

A study conducted by Flight Centre in the UK found that the stress of booking a vacation is too much for some couples, with one in seven not making it down the plane aisle.

Of the 2,000 people polled, 14 percent said they’d ended a relationship due to the stress of booking a holiday, while 60 percent admitted to having major arguments and 37 percent described it as a “negative experience”, TW UK reported.


Although it may seem like the couple’s getaway was the sole cause of the lovers’ quarrels, it was actually because they didn’t use a Travel Advisor.

Nearly half of respondents said they’d rather have had someone else organise their holiday for them, but only 4.5 percent actually sought out assistance.

And here’s an ode to all those who try to book solo…


Flight Centre’s Head of Operations, Lucy Clifton, said if there’s one thing to take from the research, it’s that using a Travel Advisor can save your holiday and your relationship.

“We want to put the romance back into couples’ holidays, letting both partners speak with our expert consultants to plan their dream holiday and make the difficult decisions on their behalf.”

Lucy Clifton, Flight Centre Head of Operations

Unsurprisingly, Flight Centre also found that 59 percent of women will not trust their partners to book their vacation.


What’s the craziest fight you’ve had with a romantic partner while planning a holiday?