If there’s one thing almost everyone working in the travel industry can agree on, it’s that as Jessie J sings, the career is “is not all about the money, money, money”.

But it does give us a sense of security to know we earn some.

So, if you’re currently running an agency under the Travellers Choice umbrella then get your wallets ready because…



The company’s Managing Director, Christian Hunter, confirmed bonuses will be distributed to national retail network’s members (who are all shareholders in the business) after reporting a $1.92 million pre-tax operating profit for the 2016/17 financial year.

Although the pre-tax figure is down five percent on the prior year, Hunter said members will receive a 5 percent (25 cents per share) unfranked dividend.

This share in pre-tax operating profit is in addition to the incredible $2.6 million commissions, incentives and overrides consultants earned over the 12 months, which is an increase of 5 percent on the prior financial year.

Travellers Choice 2

The rest of the operating profit will be distributed through trading rebates based on sales support for Travellers Choice’s suite of airline and wholesale partners.

During the 2016/17 financial year, Travellers Choice consultants also ticketed more airfares compared to last year, however, soft prices impacted overall revenue generated by the company’s airline agreements.

“With airfare prices firming, positive forward sales across the Travellers Choice network, and new high-calibre member shareholders set to join the fold, the Company is well positioned for profit growth in the year ahead.”

Christian Hunter, Travellers Choice Managing Director

Also impacting the company’s pre-tax operating profit was the sale of WIN in June 2017.

Hunter said the sale presented “a rare and valuable opportunity to monetise the Company’s shareholding”, while retaining access to WIN products and services.

Travellers Choice 1

“At the same time, we will continue to enjoy one of the other important benefits of being part of the WIN network, which is the opportunity to interact and share insights with similar independent organisations around the world,” he said.

Hunter says the Travellers Choice Board has opted to retain the income from the WIN shareholding in order to invest in development projects.

“We are now looking at a variety of investment options that will maximise the long-term return for the Company and its members.”

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