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KARRYON launches Agents’ digital KARRYON Destination Guide and is ‘living the dream’ in The Golden State aka La La Land aka California for the first destination!

We’ve launched our first ever digital Destination Guide which the first edition focuses on the state of California in the U.S of A to inspire agents and help them sell more of the Golden State.

The mobile-friendly website: www.destinations.karryon.com.au has been beautifully designed and showcases all of the content through useful sections including ‘Getting there’ and ‘where to stay’ with experiences broken down into ‘Culture and entertainment’, ‘Outdoor and adventure’, ‘Wine and culinary’ and ‘luxury’.


Much like a brochure, only a digital version, there’s lots of visual, cool stuff to check out with a focus on the latest Californian experiences and places to go across the state.

There’s also lots of videos and a quick reference dynamic Google Map to help you get your head around and understand the lay of the land in California.

The site was designed and built in-house by KARRYON and is the first in what will be a lengthy bucket list of feature destinations to be added to the site in the coming months.


Commenting on the Destination Guide launch, KARRYON Founder Matt Leedham said;

“We’re thrilled to be starting our Destinations Guide and especially excited that we’re launching with California. We want our Destinations Guide to be the ‘go to’ hub for Agents to help them offer even more value for their clients, quickly and easily, wherever they may be.”

As part of the KARRYON Destinations Guide, each feature destination and related content will get exposure across all of our Social Media channels and live permanently on www.destinations.karryon.com.au

As the Destinations Guide evolves, we’ll be adding more deals, incentives and famil opportunities into the mix to make the site even more useful to Agents.

To find out more, head on over to www.destinations.karryon.com.au


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Have you checked out the Destination Guide yet?