First it was Tigerair Australia, and now FCM Travel Solutions is turning to pre-programmed communication technology to deliver guests real-time assistance alongside consultants.

The travel company launched ‘Sam’ this month, a piece of Artifical Intelligence or chatbot, which uses chat functionality to interact with travellers online.

FCM Travel Solutions’ General Manager Australia, James Kavanagh, said ‘Sam’ will be used alongside real-life consultants to offer clients “the next wave in customised and intuitive travel management”.

Merging technology with human interaction, it’s as though Will Smith’s I, Robot is becoming a reality.

Kavanagh continued, saying Sam will be able to fulfil necessary travel management function as well as track a guest’s location, and provide real-time information on aspects such as traffic and departure delays.

Sam will even be programmed to tell travellers which carousel their luggage will arrive on AND the estimated cost of transfers.

“Innovation and the resulting technology is the enabler of a richer travel experience and one which anticipates and takes into account your location and previous travel and booking behaviours.”

James Kavanagh, FCM Travel Solutions General Manager Australia

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Using a messaging-based interface, Sam importantly provides users with access to their personal travel consultant for live assistance on the go, as it augments human capability and expertise rather than replacing it.

Sam is one such innovation that focuses on the experience of the traveller rather than another technology solution which has traditionally served the travel manager or buyer.

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