MTA-Mobile Travel Agents has announced it has accepted an offer from Helloworld to create a new partnership.


MTA Co-Managing Directors, Karen and Roy Merricks said under the terms of the partnership Helloworld would acquire 50 percent equity in the company.

“We have thought about this for a long time and while it was not any easy decision to make however we believe that it was certainly the right one.”

MTA Co-Managing Directors

“We know it is important to stay competitive and by aligning ourselves with a company with a similar vision and we know the best thing to do for everyone at MTA is to bring ourselves into line with a group which will continue to grow MTA to its fullest potential.


“We feel this is a very positive thing for everyone in the company, both our Members and staff and with this partnership, we have the opportunity to grow MTA in a very positive way.

“We’ve watched as Andrew Burnes has made many positive changes since becoming CEO of Helloworld.”

Andrew genuinely believes in supporting the future of travel agents and has made changes within Helloworld to combat the issue of competition with our online competitors.

“He strongly believes in the future of our model – the mobile travel agent. He knows and has witnessed our strong and much loved support team!  Also that MTA has a nurturing environment which you can count on every day creating trusting and long lasting relationships.”

The Merricks said their involvement in the business would continue as 50 per cent owners following the share acquisition.

In addition, the existing MTA management and support team will remain in place and continue to operate the business with the Merricks family and CEO Don Beattie   remaining in control of the company’s day to day business.

“Nothing is really changing,” the Merricks said.

“In fact we are in a better place than just being a member of Helloworld – we are a full partner in every sense of the word.”

“We really feel that this is a perfect fit for us all in MTA for the coming decades.”

What are your thoughts on the news?