Hours after purchasing a film & entertainment travel management company, Helloworld Travel Limited welcomed two new agency members into its network.

New Zealand-based Barlow Travel and Gilpin Travel celebrated the end of 2018 by making the move from the First Travel Group to Helloworld Travel Limited.

Described as “two new significant members”, the two agencies will receive all the benefits of being under the Helloworld Travel Associates umbrella.


Helloworld New Zealand Executive General Manager, Simon McKearney welcomed the two new members to the group, saying they’ll receive “surety of direction and future”.

“It is great that such businesses will be joining the Helloworld NZ family in the New Year.”

Simon McKearney, Helloworld Travel New Zealand Executive General Manager


“The value proposition developed in the varying Helloworld networks are incredibly strong and now sit as best in market,” McKearney added.

“Many agencies want surety of their direction and future and hence the attraction of Helloworld.”

Barlow Travel is operated by Peter Barlow and Gilpin Travel is operated by Keith Sumner. The two businesses generate in excess of $100m turnover.


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