It may not be the first time Goldman Travel was recognised as the ‘Best Travel Agency – Corporate Multi-Location‘ but that doesn’t make it any less incredible.

On the contrary, the company couldn’t have been more excited by the “truly wonderful” recognition at this month’s NTIA Awards.

We caught up with the agency group’s Joint Managing Director, David Goldman, after winning the award and here are a few things he had to say:


What does winning this award mean to you & the business?

NTIA feature

It’s truly wonderful to be recognised as the best corporate agency in Australia with multiple offices. We have won the award for our single location in Sydney a couple of times, however this award which recognises our teams in both Sydney and Melbourne is special. Our people are our lifeblood. Yes, it may be a little clichéd, but service and experience are our key differentiators. Our team strive to be the best, and do their best and this award will motivate them to do even better for our clients. We are not the biggest player in Australia, but we believe our people and company ethos sets us apart from our competitors.


What was it do you think that helped you win this year?

Our clear direction and company ethos plays a key role. We are focused on this. Our commitment to providing our clients with a true blend of best technology and traditional customer service is our focus. We are third-generation travel family and our teams know that we place great significance on people and service.


How do you think the year ahead is looking so far?


The corporate environment is challenging. We need to find ways to add value at every touch point – and not simply be booking engines for our clients. We have some exciting new technology in the pipeline to enhance our customers’ experience with us and this will continue to free-up our advisors to build relationships with our clients.


Do you have any award winning tips you’d like to share to inspire other businesses to greatness?

Focus on what you are good at. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Value your people and they will give back to you and your clients.

What do you think about Goldman Travel’s win? Join us in congratulating them on a job well done.