Six years later and Spencer Travel is still winning BIG at the NTIAs! The company just took home the award for ‘Best Travel Agency – Corporate Single Location’, again.

According to the one and only (and Founder of Spencer Travel) Penny Spencer, winning the award for six consecutive years “doesn’t just happen”, it comes from hard work across the team.

She said every year the business sets aside goals and constantly tracks them to ensure “progress”.

Read more of Penny’s tips for success below:


What does winning this award mean to you and the business?


Internally, it means we have something we can all celebrate. Winning awards doesn’t just happen. We plan for them, we set goals and track our progress against them. The submission process, by its nature, makes you reflect on all your accomplishments and hard work. And winning, well, that just takes the cake. The motivation boost it gives everyone in your business is priceless.

Externally, this award brings recognition, builds our credentials and enhances our reputation. Our sales team get a lot of mileage out of our trophy cabinet, and our clients love working with the best in the business.

To win this one a sixth time was a wonderfully unexpected surprise.


What was it do you think that helped you win this year?


We are always changing.

The Spencer Travel business that won its first National Travel Industry Award in 2010 is quite different to that of 2017. We implement changes that improve us, that open new opportunities.

I’d say the judges once again recognised the innovation and agility that drives our business ever forward.


How do you think the year ahead is looking so far?


It has been a terrific year, despite global terrorism incidents and security issues. Our teams remain motivated, and staff members are developing their skill sets. We have had more people achieve their 10-year Spencer Travel Diamond Club status – receiving gorgeous one-carat diamonds, and we’ve won new business.

Our business plan continues to provide direction, and numerous improvements are kicking in, enhancing our renowned service offering.

And with another NTIA accolade in our office reception, 2017 looks pretty wonderful.


Do you have any award winning tips you’d like to share to inspire other businesses to greatness?

Plan for your award submission. Keep track of your achievements, notable events, staff developments, system improvements and wins through the submission period.

Sitting down and thinking ‘Right…what did we do this year?’ is not an award-winning strategy.

Dedicate time to your submission. Set aside as much as you think you’ll need, and then double it!

Start with lots of detail, and then edit it down as required. It might need a couple of edits before it’s ready for the judges.

When presenting, make sure you know your stuff!

Be authentic, relax and tell your fabulous story.

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