Winning one highly coveted industry award is a major accomplishment, now imagine the feeling of winning it TWELVE TIMES (yes, a dozen times)… that’s something definitely worth celebrating.

And that’s exactly what the team at Phil Hoffmann Travel did on Saturday at the 2018 National Travel Industry Awards (NTIAs) where they were named ‘Best Travel Agency Retail – Multi Location’ for the 12th time.


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Michelle Ashcroft, Phil Hoffmann Travel’s General Manager, told KARRYON that the secret to becoming a multiple winning travel agency is to make decisions with clients in mind because the ultimate goal is to ensure that they’re happy and they become a “client for life”.

She continued, telling us that investment in staff over the past year has also had a “strong and immediate” impact on the business, along with the team’s strong passion for travel.

Read on for more of what she had to say:


What does being recognised by the industry in this way mean to you?

There is no bigger honour than be recognised amongst industry peers whom we respect so much, and we are so proud! Winning for the 12th time, it means we have our formula right, and that our passion for travel, our clients and our staff is driving our team to excel and innovate resulting in success.


What are some little or big touches your team make to ensure you leave a positive impression on your clients?


At PHT we have a client first mentality, where decisions are made with our clients in mind and our operations and procedures are then built around this; with the ultimate goal to create a client for life.

We have a focus on engagement, where each client is treated as the valued individual they are, by consultants who provide amazing service and knowledge with a genuine care.

Many of our consultants have been with us for a long time and work purely on repeat and referral business, and this allows us to grow the next generation of consultants, who could have no better training or example set from those around them, working in an amazing workplace culture where our clients are made to feel like part of our family.


What are some changes you may have made over the last year that would have contributed to your success this year?


Image: michellemickan/Instagram

Our biggest strengths at PHT is our culture and agility, and this year we have continued to strengthen and refine both. This last year we have heavily invested in training for all of our leaders which has had a strong and immediate impact, with more to come as we continue to future proof our business.

We also continue to invest and innovate in marketing and product to provide our clients exclusive deals with value and choice as well as an internal focus on productivity and efficiencies to drive growth.


What would you recommend to others hoping to win this award in future years?


Image: michellemickan/Instagram

The award is an outcome. It starts with passion and vision, with a team who are onboard to consistently deliver, because they love what they do, and who they do it for. It’s what you can’t buy (passion, determination and commitment), that puts you out the front.


What do you love about the industry?


I believe sincerely that we work in the best industry in the world. And what I love about it most is that it is built on relationships, between us as the agent, clients and suppliers.

I think we have more fun than any other industry, but we also understand it is a privilege to send people around the world, building tolerance and memories as well as global ambassadors.

As an industry I think we take this very seriously whilst also looking further ahead as to where opportunities lie to extend our reach and respond to environmental, social and community issues, and this makes me very proud.


What do you think the future holds for the travel industry?

I think it is extremely exciting times ahead, and those ready to embrace change and innovation will lead. Whilst the market evolves and buying channels and patterns change, what does remain is the importance of the human connection.

Those who put their clients first and create a workplace culture of engagement, supported by technology and solid industry partnerships, will have a long road ahead of them.


What’s your advice for people thinking of joining the industry?


I think if you are passionate about people and travel and are prepared to work hard and never stop learning, then this could be the best decision of your life!


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Join us in congratulating Phil Hoffmann Travel on a job well done. CONGRATULATIONS.