Over the weekend MTA Travel didn’t just win an award, the mobile agency group went down in Australian travel history (for a second time this year) as the inaugural winner of an award within a certain category.

For those who didn’t know, MTA Travel made history when they won the brand new category, ‘Best Travel Broker Network’, at the 2018 National Travel Industry Awards (NTIAs). They also made history earlier this year by winning in the same category during the inaugural KARRYON AWARDS.


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Karen and Roy Merricks MTA Travel Founders & Co-Managing Directors told KARRYON that winning the inaugural award is a testament to the teams of people who make up the network and the ‘more-than-expected’ attitude across the business.

They continued, saying that development and innovation has and always will play a role in the company’s ongoing success as it is “in our DNA”.

Read on for more of what they had to say:


What does being recognised by the industry in this way mean to you?

The NTIA award for Best Travel Broker Network in Australia, presented to MTA at the glittering annual industry awards ceremony, provides valued recognition of genuine efforts and levels of success across nearly 20 years. This award is acknowledgement of the teams of people who comprise the MTA business, from in-house support to front-line mobile travel advisors.


What are some little or big touches you and the team make to ensure you leave a positive impression on Agents/clients?


Some years ago, we realised that MTA had organically developed a ‘more-than-expected’ attitude right across the business. Whenever our in-house support staff can add ‘unexpected’ value, they strive to do that. Whenever MTA’s front-line travel advisors can add ‘unexpected’ value, they also strive to do that. The true lasting value of this, we believe is acknowledged by this award.


What are some changes the brand has made over the last year that would have contributed to your success this year?


MTA continues to develop and innovate. It’s in our DNA really, from the very beginning when we introduced the model to Australia through to today. It’s an ongoing process, but likely significant developments in technology, training and personal development along with invitations to exclusive supplier groups over the last year have contributed.


What would you recommend to other brands hoping to win in future years?


AFTA’s annual awards are the pinnacle of peer recognition in Australia. Continue to learn, develop and improve, but always with reputation and behaving ethically within the industry in mind. Then the recognition will come.


How important is your organisation to the industry?


MTA pioneered the homeworking model in Australia nationally, and opened the doors for a new way to work in travel. Creating that ideal world, where front line travel advisors could finally have the lifestyle they always wanted. Flexibility and freedom to be their own boss working through life stages, but always with very high levels of professional backup and support to provide the highest levels of client experiences.


What do you love about the industry?

It’s an industry of great change that happens often. It’s always alive and exciting. I’ve never known an industry where so much happens so quickly. What’s not to love about it!


What do you think the future holds for the travel industry?

It’s wonderful to see that the agency distribution channel is alive, well and healthy. In fact, it’s growing stronger now with the average age of travel advisors dropping, and travel professionals being sought in growing numbers by younger generations. The future is brighter than ever.


What’s your advice for people thinking of joining the industry?

Travel has always been a popular, exciting career choice so don’t hesitate. The time has never been better frankly. Everyone loves travel and it’s generally a ‘happy’ industry to be a part of.  Just look for a company such as MTA, that has the right global connections and can train, mentor and genuinely support you with specific professional development programs to develop your skills over time.


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Join us in congratulating MTA Travel on a job well done. CONGRATULATIONS.