The new Text It Get It (TiGi) initiative launched by Aloft Hotels allows guests to order room service using just emojis – that’s right: no phone calls, not even a text with words, but just a simple icon.

The new service began rolling out across Aloft Hotels (of the Starwood Hotels group) in the US and the UK just before Christmas last year.

Designed for the “hyper-connected” global traveller, guests can request a toiletry kit, snacks, and, vitally, a phone charger, amongst other items by sending the relevant emoji in a message to a dedicated customer service from their mobile device.


How cool is that?

People are already using emojis to describe their holidays to friends and family back home, and the new service leverages on the often time poor, multi-tastking modern traveller.

Here are just some of the room service items you can order from the comfort of your phone:


It’s not the first time the Aloft Hotels brand has ventured into the innovative. Back in 2014, the chain launched a Robotic Butler service at some of its properties.


So what’s next? Booking flights via emojis? Doctor appointment via emojis? A job interview via emoji?

Or do we just speak to people?

Have you ever ordered room service using emojis? Let us know in the comments below.