Ever wondered just how much truth there was behind Marilyn Monroe’s declaration that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’?


Two employees over at Penny Spencer’s business will be able to tell us later this year when they’re flaunting their own one-carat diamond.

That’s right, Penny, who was named top female entrepreneur of the year, will welcome two more of her team members into the ‘Diamond Club’ this year for their 10 years of service.


For those that don’t know, the ‘diamond club’ is a group of Penny’s employees that have stayed with her business for over a decade.

On their 10-year anniversary, she thanks them for their loyalty by giving them a one-carat diamond.

Suddenly everyone’s knocking on Penny’s door like…


Belinda Ward and Lynn Eaton will join six other members in the ‘Diamond Club’ later this year when they receive their sparkly gift.

Penny said she couldn’t more delighted to reward her employees in such an exclusive way.

“10 years is a huge commitment to one company. One certainly worthy of a diamond.”

Penny Spencer

Spencer Travel 1

Louise Brown, Spencer Travel’s Operations Manager received her diamond five years ago and is celebrating 15 years with the company this month.

She said working at Spencer Travel is “wow” because it keeps her “regularly challenges, tested and furiously busy”.

According to Penny, Louise is an example of how employees can progress career-wise at Spencer Travel, having started out at reception before moving her way up to other parts of the business to where she is today.

Join us in congratulating all the members of the Diamond Club.