ReadyRooms for Agents has adjusted its product to give consultants more flexibility for their clients, with a new ‘book now and pay later’ option.

The move comes less than two weeks after the Qantas Holidays owned booking platform introduced the ‘Name Your Own Price‘ functionality.

Now agents will see the website has removed the seven day book and pay window and replaced it with book now pay later inventory.

The new functionality also gives agents the opportunity to book and hold price competitive inventory for a longer period of time before payment is due.



How does it work?

An agent and their client agree on a product. The agent selects the blue clock – the symbol for delayed payment inventory aka the ‘book now and pay later’ option.

A payment deadline will be advised at the time of the booking.

This will be followed by a reminder email, which will be sent to consultant three days before the final payment deadline.

To supplement the book now, pay later inventory, ReadyRooms will continue to offer a range of instant purchase inventory, usually defined by stricter cancellation policies from hotels.

General Manager for Wholesale, Peter Egglestone said the new functionality will ‘put ReadyRooms on the map’.

“However, our agents told us they needed greater flexibility around payment solutions, and seven days just wasn’t enough in many cases.”

Peter Egglestone, ReadyRooms for Agents General Manager for Wholesale

The new payment dates are based on a variety of factors including the cancellation policies associated with each booking segment.

Click here to read more about the ‘Name Your Own Price’ function.

Loving the new ‘book now and pay later’ function?