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Next month Reho Travel is moving their Sydney CBD office out to Miranda in The Shire. Miranda? Yes that not so close suburb to the Sydney CBD.

Next month Reho Travel is moving their Sydney CBD office out to Miranda in The Shire. Miranda? Yes that not so close suburb to the Sydney CBD.

Once we heard the news we just had to ask Reho Travel’s CEO Karsten Horne if this time he had taken his renowned radical thinking one step too far.

How’s that going to work we asked?


Matt: Karsten, have you ever been to The Shire?

Karsten: Earlier this year I took a tour down there accompanied by former AFTA GM and now Sutherland Shire Council Board Member, Gary O’Reardon. He showed me all of the sights including Shark Park, Cronulla Beach and Westfield Miranda.


Matt: Ok, in all seriousness why would you move from your schmick city office on top of Burberry to The Shire?

Karsten: The thought first entered my head earlier in the year when I was on a crowded commuter train in Tokyo. In addition, we were doing an impact survey as part of our carbon neutral certification and I realised that most of our Sydney team lived in The Shire. I then considered the impact this had in several areas.

Lifestyle: My team currently travel three hours round trip every day, this could be reduced to 20 minutes and with a gym downstairs there’s an opportunity for them to have a much better life balance.

Environmental Impact: Overnight we’ll become carbon positive.

Talent pool: Most consultants can’t afford to live close to the city anyway, so there would be many future team members that our location could appeal to.

Community: our team get two days volunteer leave each year, now they can use that time to give back to their local community.


Reho are already ‘Travelling to change the world’

Matt: I assume rents are cheaper down there too?

Karsten: Earlier this year you published my article ‘Top 10 Travel trends from WTM’. During my time in London, all the talk was about Co-working spaces so naturally I investigated this. Luckily there is a fantastic space in Miranda, across the road from Westfield that suited our needs in many ways.

Cost: We saved $100,000 in rent, parking, electricity and telephones. Given 10% of our profits fund our charity projects the impact is immediate.

The Reho Travel team in Melbourne

The Reho Travel team in Melbourne

Flexibility: We are no longer suffocated by a long-term lease and bond, yet still have a dedicated professional space, a range of meeting rooms and can add or reduce desks as required. Compare this to our current office, where the cost of seat increases every time someone chooses to work from home.

Social: The constant buzz, free fair-trade coffee, Friday night drinks and a diverse mix of personalities certainly has appeal.


Matt: Would be some good networking opportunities too?

Karsten: Yeah for sure, my team are excited about the prospect of sharing a space with 40 other businesses, start-ups and creatives. Who knows what will evolve from there?


Fresh brews to fuel travel pursuits

Matt: Do you think your clients will be affected?

Karsten: Being 100% corporate it will make no difference to them. Many are impressed by the fact that we factored in the community and social impact ahead of investing in fancy real estate.

Matt: All sounds amazing, I’ll look you up next time I’m in town.

Karsten: For sure let’s surf the break at Cronulla Point.

Reho Travel move into their ‘Not Sydney CBD’ new home on 7 August 2017 and will be located at Level 2, 29 Kiora Road, Miranda in Sydney.

For the record, KarryOn also operates out of shared spaces, with our Head Office in Surry Hills, Sydney and our creative team based in Byron Bay, Northern NSW. And we can honestly say, we love it!

Have you undertaken a similar move with your business or workplace? What were the benefits? Share your thoughts below.