Just as the contract was due to end, Travellers Choice Limited decided to renew an agreement with Helloworld Travel Limited that gives the group’s members access to commercial travel deals.

As part of the renewed five-year agreement running from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2023, Travellers Choice will have access to commercial supply arrangements with Helloworld Travel Limited and will purchase the bulk of its products and service through these agreements.

Products and services available to Travellers Choice’s 145 member outlets include those that Helloworld Travel offers through its supplier partnerships within Australia and globally as well as those available through the group’s wholesalers such as the recently renovated ReadyRooms, Insider Journeys and Qantas Holidays.

Additionally, Travellers Choice will continue to use Helloworld’s ticket consolidation business, Air Tickets, through another five-year agreement.

Travellers Choice Limited’s Managing Director, Christian Hunter, described the partnership with Helloworld Travel as ‘extremely important’ to members who benefit “significantly” from having access to commercial deals.


“This partnership has been going since 2010 and we are delighted to extend it for a further five years to 2023 as we have seen how well it works for our Travellers Choice Limited business, for our members and our supplier partners.”

Christian Hunter, Travellers Choice Managing Director

Helloworld Travel’s Chief Executive, Andrew Burnes, welcomed the renewed agreement and thanked Hunter for his continued commitment to the partnership.


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What are your thoughts on the extended arrangement?