We were fooled by the title too! STA Travel isn’t actually giving away an entire Contiki bus but they are giving out free seats on an European trip.


Let’s back track for a second – could you imagine winning an entire Contiki bus? What would you do with it? So many nonpunishable ideas.


Moving forward – the youth travel group is launching a major promotion in Sydney by offering giving away seats on an entire 14 tonne shiny Contiki bus to fun, like-minded people.

For a spot on the for ultimate #STATravelSquad trip around Europe – starting in London and including stops in Barcelona and Paris – travellers need to be the first 30 people in line outside the STA Travel George Street store in Sydney on 8 July 2016.


In other words, wake up super early on 8 July, sprint to the STA Travel George Street store in Sydney and hope that you’re one of the first 30 people these.

Another 10 ‘wild card’ spots will be given out to other members of the queue who take part in various challenges and travel dares. Plus another 10 will be given out online for those not living in Sydney.

STA is anticipating a ‘huge’ crowd on the day and is even expecting a few people to camp out front of the store overnight – sheesh that’s dedication to the game #respect.


So now to answer the big question: why the h3ll is STA Travel giving away free seats on a Contiki bus?

“To support our mission to bring affordable worldly adventures to students, young people and explorers,” according to Tara Sena-Becker, STA Travel Head of Marketing.

Also helps with that brand awareness and the promotion of STA Travel’s Contiki Preview featuring 2017 European Summer Contiki tours.

The lucky 50 winners will travel to Europe on a Contiki Western Quest Tour in April 2017.

What would you do for a free seat on a European trip?