Travel back to mid-July 2017, when KARRYON joked about Flight Centre’s Global charter plane and all the wild activities hundreds of Agents get up to at 32,000-feet.

Struggling to recall? No worries, just click here for a quick recap.

All caught up? Good, cause apparently we weren’t completely off the mark.


Turns out Flight Centre REALLY DOES charter a plane to Global Gathering every year, and in 2018 they’re renting a whole Etihad A380 Airbus, according to a story published on

They’re hiring this bad boy…

Over 850 Travel Agents will have the wide-body aircraft all to themselves mid-July as they fly to the conference in Berlin.

If the details of the story are correct, then all seats on the plane are open for Agents to secure, even the Residence, which will be allocated to consultants who sell the most Etihad flights within an incentive period.

Lucky Agents will be lazing around like…

The winning Agents will get a near-$30,000 experience with a living room, a private room, private shower AND private butler.

Click here for more perks in the Residence.

KARRYON contacted Flight Centre for official details but were only able to confirm that the group definitely charters a flight every year.


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Are you or someone you know headed to Berlin for Global Gathering this year?