Imagine having the freedom to walk through the Sistine Chapel and immerse yourself in centuries-old Italian masterpieces without being surrounded by a herd of other tourists.

Visiting Vatican Museums after hours is a dream come true for many history and art fans, but is usually reserved for museum staff, wealthier travellers and the Pope.

Except in 2017, Trafalgar guests will have the chance to be among the few to say they walked through one of the world’s largest and most recognisable museums practically on their own.

The company, specialising in escorted tours and guided holidays, has added private Vatican Museum tours to six of its European itineraries next year, making it one of the only tour operators in Australia to offer its guests such a “different and unique experience”.

Image: Cristian Puscasu/Shutterstock

Image: Cristian Puscasu/Shutterstock

According to Trafalgar Chief Executive, Gavin Tollman, travellers will be able to explore what is usually a crowded and busy space with complete ease and privacy.

“Not only will they have the opportunity to explore the Museum, but do so with one of the curators and with that having the opportunity there after to have a dinner.”

Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar Chief Executive

Tollman said in addition to offering guests something unique, the after hours Vatican tour helps emphasise to potential guests the “deeper and richer experiences” delivered on every Trafalgar tour – a message the company hopes to emphasise through its new brochure and website.

“We have been on a singular mission to change our message and align it with the incredible experiences customers have when travelling with Trafalgar,” he explained.

In turn, he hopes clearer messaging of ‘authentic experiences, effortless travelling and a whole lot of fun’ will make it easier for Agents to sell the company’s guided holidays.

“We are making it so easy for you to sell.”

Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar Chief Executive

Also new to Trafalgar in 2017 is the 20-day Scandinavia trip exclusive to the company’s Australian guests. Tollman said the itinerary was introduced to meet demand from the market to visit Ireland, Iceland and Scandinavia.

There’s also a new family itinerary in South Africa, which Tollman has described as the “ultimate South African itinerary for a family” AND a 23 percent reduction in pricing for 2017.

“We are making 2017 incredible easy for Agents to sell through new branding, new messaging, new trips and incredible offers,” Tollman said.

Are you keen to visit the Vatican after hours?