Remember when tour operators would split the cost of food from the cost of the overall trip? No? Well neither do we. It seems like an overly confusing practise.

Thankfully Topdeck Travel agrees.

The tour operator, which up until recently was still splitting food funds from the trip cost, has decided to scrap the separation and simplify its pricing system.


It’s 2017, what took so long?

Good question!

We turned to Topdeck Travel’s Asia Pacific Regional Manager, Ben Ittensohn, for some answers, who said the operator has reviewed its food fund system and found it to be both “outdated and redundant in today’s climate”.

He explained that the system was causing confusion among travellers and preventing Travel Agents from earning full commission through the operator.

Topdeck Travel food

As a result, Topdeck has merged the two charges into one “simple and transparent” price.

“Simplicity, transparency and getting a great return for our Travel Agents and customers were the most important driving factors when we decided to merge to one total trip cost.”

Ben Ittensohn, Topdeck Travel Asia Pacific Regional Manager

“For Agents and our trade partners, the simplicity around the one single cost is easy to convey to their customers, plus, the more important benefit to the Agents is they will now receive commission on the total trip price, rather than one part of the segmented cost.”

There’s that commission word again!

With the merged price, Travel Agents will now make money from the 10-20 percent cost of food.


Like for example, if a 36-day European Pioneer itinerary is priced at AU$5,175 plus the food fund is AU$1,020 that equals AU$6,195. For the trip the food fund is 16 percent of the total cost meaning the Travel Agent would receive $142 in commission on food alone.

“Topdeck want to take care of the Agents that live and breathe our brand and we see this as a great way to prove this to them and thank them for their support,” Ittensohn added.

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Do you find split tour costs confusing?