While statistics show jetsetters are increasingly trusting Travel Agents with their holiday bookings, they aren’t necessarily using them to decide where their next getaway will be.

Instead, they’re turning to the photo app only available on mobiles and tablets, Instagram.

According to new Expedia research, one in four 18-35 year olds admitted to picking a travel destination based on what they’re friends had recently posted on social media.

Who can blame them when social media feeds are flooded with beautiful snaps like…


Sun on my back. Salt on my skin. Little crabs at my feet.

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And, wowwwwwwwww…

But how are these millennials narrowing down their choices with so many stunning travel images creeping into their timelines? Well, some 67 percent said they’ll choose a holiday destination based on how ‘Instagramable‘ it is.

That would explain why there are so many images of Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower on the photo-sharing app.

According to one third of Aussies surveyed, this need for social media-worthy images comes out of a growing desire to make family and friends jealous.

What does this all mean for Travel Agents?

Well, as some of the most well-travelled people on the planet with photo albums atop of photo albums full of incredible travel pics, it might be time to start sharing them on the app.

Zdravo Dubrovnik! ☺️

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This’ll ensure your Instagram profile is the one inspiring your clients and perhaps you’ll be front of mind when they finally decide to plan and book.

So, start posting those #travelgrams.

Have you made any sales through Instagram?