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Travel agents, what are they good for? #Part 10

This is our final instalment in our series of why travellers should use a travel agent for their leisure or business bookings. We've even thrown in an additional point!

This is our final instalment in our series of why travellers should use a travel agent for their leisure or business bookings. We’ve even thrown in an additional point!

Our final 11 reasons are: 

91. Don’t Like Letter Writing?

Letter_KarryOnA good travel agent will send a letter to the airline or hotel for you if you should have a bad flight or poor service at a hotel.

92. Sound Important When Talking About Your Trip

Neighbours_KarryOnAfter a bragging about a great trip to coworkers or the neighbours, and they ask how you got all those details organised you can say, “My agent did it.”

93. Forbidden Fruit

Customs_KarryOnYour travel agent can forewarn you of items not allowed to be brought back into the Australia. –Yes, you have to declare those spices from Asia and can’t bring that “rattling rose apple” back with you from India!

94. Financial Planning

Financial Planning_KarryOnTravel experts can help you to create a budget to stick to while you are on your trip, so you can have a good time and not break the bank.

95. Good Babysitters

Babysitter_KarryOnTravel experts might be able to help you find a local babysitter in the area you are travelling to if you want to plan a night out alone.

96. Good Lounge Recommendations

Hong Kong Lounge DiningTravel specialists can help you decide if purchasing access to an airline lounge is worth it or not.

97. Good Airport Hangouts

KarryOn_LAX_625Travel agents travel a lot. They can probably help you figure out what to do with that extra time you have in an airport after getting through security.

98. Where to Watch Your Wallet More Carefully

Pick-Pockets-Love-Tourists-BarcelonaAlthough you should always take extra care to hold onto your wallet when traveling, travel agents can warn you if pick-pocketing is common at your future destination.

99. What to Put in the Hotel Safe

Hotel_Safe_KarryOnTravel agents can give you good advice on what you should be keeping in that hotel safe while you are out exploring the sites so there is nothing important missing when you return.

100. Altering Your Travel Arrangements

Travel_Agent_KarryOnIf you have already booked your trip but want to change some details your travel agency can help get all the necessary steps done, leaving you without the headache and confusion.

BONUS 101. It Makes Traveling Easy

Travel_KarryOnOnce you find a good travel agent, your dream vacation is just a phone call away.

Which point do you think rings particularly true, or do you have any to add?

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These tips were compiled by ASTA.