Tour and attraction operators rejoice — tourism industry giant TripAdvisor recently underwent a facelift. Now, your offerings sit front and centre on the web giant’s homepage.

The move to the new site design indicates just how important tour and attractions are becoming in the industry.

The new “Things to Do” widget makes it easier than ever for travelers to discover and book attractions, tours and local activities right alongside hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants and flights.

The move to enable the new function was made after bookings in the sector soared by 150% during the first 8-months of 2016.

With this insight in mind, the homepage addition was an easy decision for TripAdvisor’s Vice President of Product for Attractions Jeff Chow to make.

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“We’re committed to improving the end-to-end planning, booking and in-destination travel experience for our users,” says Mr Chow.

“The tours and attractions industry has been making amazing progress in recent years, moving towards adopting the digital and mobile ways consumers book travel.

“Our goal is to accelerate this transition by delivering a world full of local travel experiences to our users, instantly bookable on a smartphone, tablet or desktop using TripAdvisor.”

Jeff Chow, Vice President of Product for Attractions, TripAdvisor

More improvements were made across the site to highlight tours and attractions.

The attraction and tour product pages were updated to provide an overview of all of the options available in an area.

Site users can apply filters to further narrow down searches. For instance, you can look for boat tours and watersports only.

At the same time, TripAdvisor gives tours, attractions and activities the option to upload sneak peek videos so that users can get a taste of the experience.

And location-based searches open up the ability for travellers to pinpoint tours and attractions that are closest to their accommodation, an airport or landmark.

Another bonus is TripAdvisor will now also accept Viator discount codes on the website. They acquired Viator for US$200m in mid 2014.

Have you noticed an increase in your attraction and tour bookings through channels such as TripAdvisor? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.