They may not eat meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, cheese, yogurt or chocolate (how?!), but they’re still as keen on taking foodie tours as the average carnivore.

Intrepid Travel is appealing to the growing number of plant-based eaters around the world with the launch of new Vegan food tours to renowned gastronomic destinations such as India, Italy and Thailand.

Taking off in 2019, the new Vegan itineraries were created to meet customer requests, which Intrepid’s Regional Product Manager, Tara Kennaway, says have been coming in more frequently over the past few years.


“Vegan is also now one of our most commonly searched words on the Intrepid website.”

Tara Kennaway, Intrepid Travel Regional Product Manager

What’s involved in Vegan food tours?

Well, it’s fairly similar to the average food trip whereby guests visit some of the world’s greatest wonders while also enjoying authentic food experiences minus any animal-based dishes.


They’ll get to try plant-based pizzas and pastas in Italy, there’ll be Vegan Samosa and Jalebis in India, AND tofu, mushroom, sticky rice, bamboo and spice in Thailand.

Sounds delish!


“Food is one of the best ways to connect with a local culture, but dietary requirements can be tricky with language barriers,” Kennaway said. “Why should vegans miss out on authentic food experiences?”

All three of the new Vegan tours – India Vegan Food AdventureItaly Vegan Food Adventure and Thailand Vegan Food Adventure – run for eight days.

Happy dining.


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Which country would you like to take a Vegan Tour in?