Venture Holidays is venturing ‘far’ from its existing look and feel to a completely new one as part of an overhaul of its physical appearance.

From here on out, Venture Holidays will be referred to as ‘Venture Far’, a name the company believes will better represent its level of service and product.

Replacing the old ‘Go.See.Do’, the new brand name is accompanied with a new slogan, ‘Naturally Curious’, which was stringed together to evoke a sense of self discovery and adventure through the ‘adventurous flexible’ tour operator.

Venture Far 3

The promise of catering to those who prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things inspired the look of the new logomark. In a statement, Venture Far said the logo delivers a modern take on ‘Land, Sea & Sky’ of the original logo.

Venture Far also utilised the alchemical symbols for earth (“V”) and air (“A”) to represent the integral connection between earth and air in supporting the ways they travel on the logo.

Venture Far

Venture Far’s Managing Director, Robert Mackay, said the industry is rapidly changing and the business needs to adapt with it.

“People crave more authentic, emotional travel experiences and want greater flexibility over the way they choose to explore the world,” he said.

“Venture Far’s new brand identity reflects our position by offering this premium travel service that goes well beyond the traditional itinerary and hotel booking.”

Venture Far 2

The branding will be a phased roll out, with the name changing immediately to Venture Far. This will then be reflected in all future brochures and other marketing materials, commencing with our UK & Europe brochure, closely followed by Africa. A brand-new website will be released in November with a new modern style and UX experience for agents and travellers.

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What are thoughts on the new name and look?