Travel insurance provider, Allianz, is in the midst of building new quoting and sales portal that’ll give Travel Agents and their clients access to flexible product.

Announced at the TravelManagers Conference in Hawaii over the weekend, Allianz said the new tech will scan the Australian insurance market in real-time and allow Allianz to provide customers with “a more integrate approach to market analysis”.

The insurance company said it will further create opportunity to respond to customer needs.


Additionally, the aim of the new portal is to provide a simplified solution for consultants by “offering flexible product and more personalised consumer options”.

Among the benefits of the updated website is the decluttering of products from 21 plans to tailor-made plans.

“Currently there are 21 plans on the Sales Platform and the aim is to simplify it so that Travel Agents can make the product for clients.”


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Supporting the refreshed website is the Agent Facebook pages – including one specifically created for TravelManagers – where consultants can learn about new webinars in real-time and provide feedback.


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