It was a frightening affair for those who rocked up to Flight Centre’s new global headquarters in Brisbane’s South Bank today.

In true Flight Centre-style, the opening of the new office was a grand affair featuring more than just a ribbon and scissors, but rather at least one witch, a group of Crayons and a Harry Potter.

That’s right, the big HQ opening was Halloween-themed, and staff did not hold back for the big event.

Check out some of their outfits:

Happy Halloween ???? #hopeeveryoneelsedressedup

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Fancy costumes aside, the new office may very well be one of the best and out-of-the-box spaces in Australia with slides, creative meeting rooms and incredible views.

In a way, it’s similar to Expedia and TripAdvisor’s fancy new digs, but on a whole other level.

Why walk down the stairs, like a peasant, when I can slide my fat ass down them?

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For example… remember Flight Centre’s April Fools joke this year? The company said it would build slides in its new HQ that would sit over 15-stories and would be available for employees to use on their way out of the office.

Well, it exists.

The travel group actually built a massive slide in the new office and is even auctioning off a portion of it for charity.

Slides leading to each floor? #mycompanyoveryours

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Then there’s the meeting rooms.

While some companies introduce themed-rooms based off famous movies or destinations, Flight Centre went one step further with mini tour buses and planes.

This is no joke, just check out this picture shared by LifeWithBrent on Instagram:

If that’s not cool enough, the building’s height and location in South Bank Brisbane offers staff some incredible views of the city, that are obviously, very Instagram-worthy:

Would you be up for sliding out of work at the end of the day?