Don’t get a big head guys (actually do, you deserve it), because you’re all pretty amazing and it’s not just us here in Australia that think so.


Canada-based founder of G Adventures and all-round inspiring legend, Bruce Poon Tip, sang his praises for the industry earlier this week, describing it as “far different to any other in the world” because of its strength, level of expertise and overall professionalism.

Popping in to see us for a herbal tea at our KarryOn HQ, he said that unlike in many other countries, being a travel agent in Australia is seen as a life long career.

G Adventures

G Adventures Founder Bruce Poon Tip at our KarryOn HQ this week. Pic: Matt Leedham

He said that it’s this level of professionalism that helps to build trust among Australian travellers, who continue to book more G Adventures trips through agents than directly themselves.

“The travel industry here is one of the most professional industries in the world and the level of expertise of Agents is second to none”.

Bruce Poon Tip, G Adventures Founder

“It’s a serious career compared to say America where there’s no degree programs for travel and the service is nowhere near as professional.”

G Adventures

The G Adventures team celebrate at their Basecamp HQ in Melbourne

In order to build on the high ratio of agency bookings to direct in Australia, Poon Tip said there would be continued investment for G Adventures in the local trade market with more micro-famils, mega famils and ongoing support whether it be for a quick training update or hosting film nights and experiential events for clients.

G Adventure founding ethos and culture is one big differentiator that has resonated well with agents as going “beyond just selling travel” he said.

“Everyday our force is on the road and we’re available all the time for agents to learn more about us and how we can help their travellers experience more on their trips” he explained.

“We have an army of people at the disposal of agents and we will continue to strengthen that and more so.”

Meanwhile, in describing the Australian traveller, Poon Tip said that they’re amongst the most maturest holidaymakers worldwide, which makes them a powerful market for the company.


He believes the company’s new partnership with National Geographic will be attractive to our market, as tours aim to not only showcase destinations, but educate guests utilising NatGeo’s rare artefacts, experts and on-site facilities. Read more.

Would you agree that the Australian industry is uniquely different?