Goldman Travel Corporation, a 30-year-old Australian company, has unveiled plans to expand its business with a new home-based agency called ‘SmartFlyer Australia’.

Launching on 1 May 2015, the new agency is a joint initiative with New York-based travel group SmartFlyer.

Speaking to KarryOn, Goldman Travel’s joint Managing Director, David Goldman said the company has been floating the idea of a home-based agency for a number of years and sees it as a natural progression to the business.

“Travel is changing at such a rapid pace and we’re evolving to meet that change. This will be another part of the company – we’re stepping it up a notch or two.”

David Goldman, Goldman Travel joint Managing Director

Much like existing mobile agencies such as MTA, TravelManagers and Travel Counsellors, SmartFlyer Australia will give agents the opportunity to set up their own business and sell travel from home under the company’s name.


However, Mr Goldman says the company will have a number of differences to set the company apart from competitors.

Among them is maintaining Goldman Travel’s focus on selling niche, upmarket leisure travel.

“That’s always been part of the company, who we are and company culture.”

The agency will also be open to agents with varied experience – whether it’s 15 years in the industry or just started.

Mr Goldman said the company is looking for people with a passion for travel because “if you have the passion you’re three quarters there”.

Once an agent has been selected they will undergo personalised training. Training depends on their previous qualifications and experience.

Additionally, the company wants to stay niche.

By the end of this year, Goldman said he’ll be happy to have around 15-20 agents onboard selling upmarket products to Australian travellers.

“We want to keep it niche, we want to stay focused on high-end leisure travel.”

Congratulations Goldman Travel Corporation.