Travel Agents, if you haven’t spoken to your clients for a while or know of one considering a holiday, now would be the best time for you to hit them up.

According to latest G Adventures research, more than half of Australians (59 percent) are choosing to spend their tax return on travel rather than pay off their credit cards and debts.

Although booking travel is high on the list for Aussies, they don’t plan on spending it all on a getaway, with the majority saying they’ll spend around 20 percent on a holiday.


Adrian Piotto, Managing Director of G Adventures Australia, said that they were pleased the findings confirmed what they had long suspected – that spending money on experiences and making memories was a high priority for Australians.

“In an age of consumerism, this research tells us that Australians want their hard-earned money to go to something more meaningful.”

Adrian Piotto, G Adventures Managing Director

“Being in the travel industry, we know the power that a life-changing travel experience can have. We want to continue helping Aussies realise their travel dreams, through adventures to some of the greatest places on earth.”


For those looking for some travel inspiration, cruising down the Amazon River or camping under the stars in Yosemite National Park have taken out the top desired travel experiences, according to the research.

To accompany the research, G Adventures has identified the top adventures and destinations that travellers can ‘take off’ to this year with their tax return. These include under $1,000 trips to Beijing; under $1,500 trips to Morocco; and under $2,000 trips to Borneo.

Would you prefer to spend your tax return on travel?