The acronym for ‘you only live once’ (YOLO) is finally on its way out of everyday slang, so-much-so that G Adventures has decided to rebrand its tour style named after the over-used expression.

As of 2018, the tour operator’s YOLO tours will be listed under the new and direct ’18-to-Thirtysomethings’ title.

G Adventures says ’18-to-Thirtysomethings’ is a “more functional title” as it makes it more clear which ages (18 to 39) the tour style is best appropriate for.

G Adventures

“With the growing demand for this style of tour, we wanted to move towards a name that was functional, simple and straightforward.”

Bruce Poon Tip, G Adventures Owner & Founder

“As well as that, the term ‘YOLO’ was also starting to feel dated, so we felt now was the right time for a refresh.”

According to G, the ‘YOLO’ style has grown by 85 percent since it was first introduced in 2012, and now incorporated nearly 185 affordable tours.


Among the “fun-filled, fast-paced tours” is the new ‘Japan on a Shoestring – Tokyo to Kyoto’ trip taking in the country’s most iconic cities, as well as the ‘Indonesia Adventure – Java & Bali’ holiday including plenty of free time between various must-see activities.

Other 18-to-Thirtysomething trips include the 34-day ‘Bangkok to Bali Adventure’ covering the best of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the neighbouring city-state of Singapore, and the all-out, all-night eight-day Thailand Full Moon Party.

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What are your thoughts on the change?