It’s Godzilla like you’ve never seen him before. LIFE-SIZED. Where? You ask. There is only one place in the world where this creation could come to life and that is JAPAN.

The MASSIVE attraction is being planned for the Nijigen no Mori, an anime theme park on Japan’s Awaji Island.

The attraction which will be a whopping 20 metres high is set to have a huge presence and tremendous impact as the world’s first permanent full-size Godzilla replica.


And how cool is this? As part of the new project, a zip-line will feed park-goers directly into the monster’s mouth. That would be pretty creepy huh?

And it basically goes without saying that there will also be a Godzilla-themed gift shop. I mean how else can visitors take their Godzilla obsession home with them.

To help ensure plenty of hype around the new build, Godzilla’s 2020 launch will coincide with the latest Godzilla flick to hit the cinemas, Godzilla vs. Kong.

For those not across the theme park, it also has heaps of rides and exhibits based on Japanese anime and cartoon characters.

On top of this, Godzilla fans in Japan can top off their experience by visiting Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighbourhood, where Hotel Gracery’s 12 metre replica Godzilla head spits fire at guests.

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Basically, if you’ve got clients who are Godzilla fans, give them the heads up that 2020 is totally their year for visiting Japan.