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Getting high just took on a whole new meaning as a zero-gravity dance party took to the skies.

As if a party in a plane wasn’t already cool enough, German promotion company BigCityBeats also decided to take gravity out of the equation.

Throw in supserstar DJ Steve Aoki and some seriously shino disco lights for a rave like no other. People were actually dancing on the ceiling, performing backflips and even just floating.

World Club Dome Zero Gravity flight group floating KarryOn

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Organised with the help of the European Space Agency and the aircraft’s operator Novespace, the flight’s aim was to build hype around the annual World Club Dome electronic dance music festival in Frankfurt on June 1 to 3.

“It was so crazy at first I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone,” BigCityBeats chief executive Bernd Breiter told CNN Travel. But somehow, he managed to make the dream a reality.

Among the guests? Some real deal astronauts.

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A further 14 people from around the world were chosen from 30,000 entrants to a video competition to grab a place on the flight. Before taking part, they had to undergo a string of medical exams to ensure they were up to it.

The modified Airbus A310, which was used by ESA to helps European astronauts adapt to weightlessness, departed Frankfurt to fly over the Mediterranean for a four hour journey with just 5 minutes spent at zero gravity.

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Passengers experiences hypergravity as they ascended sharply, pinning them down, before pitching forward to essentially freefall, creating the sensation of utter weightlessness.

No alcohol was consumed on board, nobody hurled – this was definitely a dance party with a difference.

If reading this has you reeling from fear of missing out, then relax because a further 15 World Club Dome Zero Gravity flights are currently being planned, according to German website

Check out this video of the inflight zero-g action:


Have you ever been to a party this wild?