Three months out from the ban on climbing Uluru and tensions are running high. Last week we reported on overtourism and its negative consequences as visitors rush to scale the rock before they no longer can.

Discord is building between those who respect the traditional owners’ heartfelt plea from not to climb the rock and those who see it as their right to climb it.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson added fuel to the fire with her inane suggestion that closing the climb was no different to saying “we’re going to close down Bondi Beach because there are some people there that have drowned”.

The debate has been bringing out the worst in some, so it was refreshing to see an uplifting Facebook post today pinpointing 26 awesome ways that you can enjoy a trip to Uluru without climbing the sacred site.

Image: Welcome to Country

The post was by the Welcome to Country Facebook page which gives a voice to everything related to Aboriginal land, culture and people. You can check it out here, it’s definitely worth a follow.

They turned to Instagram for inspiration on the diverse ways you can enjoy the rock, while still respecting it.

Their colourful visual collection ranges from dipping your feet in the red sand and meeting the locals to taking a sunrise selfie.

Ways to Enjoy Uluru

Image: Welcome to Country

Perhaps you’ll have the chance to watch the beautiful sandstone monolith in the rain, or even have timeless wedding portraits taken there.

The post invites you to ride around it, fly around it, but most importantly – EMBRACE IT!