Is there anything better than a beautiful luxury island resort in Fiji? Yes, there is… A beautiful luxury island resort in Fiji with its very own resort dog!

Meet Coco, she’s a very lucky Golden Labrador who lives at Likuliku Lagoon Resort in Fiji.

She spends her days greeting guests, helping out around the resort, sailing on the lagoon, stand up paddleboarding, swimming, eating carrots and generally just being the coolest doggy around.


Tell us more about Coco

Coco has been wearing sunnies since she was a floofy little golden pup. She has five pairs of sunglasses and it’s safe to say she looks very stylish ALL THE TIME. I guess she has to look her best when she has the important job leading guests to their welcome cocktail and showing them to their room.

She has her own dedicated whiteboard in the resort office, listing her daily to-do list. Some of Coco’s tasks include meet & greet, eat & sleep, chase fish & herons and lick chef’s shoes. She also sits in on the staff meetings and wears her secretarial glasses, because, she’s SUCH a clever girl!

Coco belongs to the official manager of the resort, Steve Anstey and is most definitely living her best life in Fiji.


Tell us more about Likuliku Lagoon Resort

Karry On - Fiji Resort Dog

Once upon a time across the bluest of oceans, an island was born of lava and sand – an untouched paradise whose heart was a turquoise lagoon of unimaginable beauty and tranquility. The first visitors came and explored. To honour the magic of the place, they named it “Likuliku”, meaning “calm waters”.

This stunning island getaway offers adults a unique luxury escape, it the heart of the South Pacific. Likuliku is home to Fiji’s only authentic over-water bures and is 100% Fijian owned.

Likuliku has even been named one of the top lodges in the world by National Geographic. And it really does live up to the hype.

The Resort embodies the richness of an ancient culture with vibrant present-day lifestyle touches and really is a little slice of paradise.

Plus, Coco takes this resort to a whole new level.

Karry On - Fiji Resort Dog

Island Paradise + the most adorable resort dog in all the land = flights being booked to Fiji immediately.

See you there!